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Chemical & Biological Engineering

Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) is now the second largest department at Mines, with nearly 170 seniors and approximately 700 students overall. We have a strong tradition of teaching with hands-on and interactive learning experiences. For example, studio biology, field session, and labs are integrated into many core courses. Some of our recent lab experiences include a coffee lab, essential oils extraction, making biodiesel, brewing beer, dialysis and silicon processing.

Gifts from donors on #idigmines Giving Day will be used to provide the materials and supplies necessary for expanding opportunities for CBE students through the following hands-on learning experiences and extracurricular academic activities:

  • undergraduate research

  • AIChE car competition

  • International Genetically Engineered Machine (IGEM) competition

  • Mines Entrepreneurship and Innovation program

With extra funding from the challenge and bonus gifts, we could potentially purchase an all-in-one brewing system for our brewing science and bioprocessing courses, which costs around $1,500. Additionally, bonus funds will be applied to a new field session experiment, which can cost anywhere from $10-50,000.

Your support at any level will make a lasting impact on our students:

  • $10 buys two pairs of safety glasses, a set of plastic pipettes, or M&M’s or strawberries for a genetics experiment in Studio Bio

  • $40 would provide one student a printout of a poster to present on their research at a conference

  • $50 can help supply coffee beans for the new coffee lab

  • $100 would purchase a control valve or a level controller for a Process Dynamics and Controls lab

  • Four gifts of $250 can buy an additional dual-monitor workstation for an expanded computer lab

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