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Petroleum Engineering

The Petroleum Engineering Department has one of the highest enrollments on campus, educates one of the largest populations of international students, and is heavily tied with the industry’s ups and downs.

With support from donors like you, we are able to evolve our curriculum and continue to provide our students with opportunities to succeed. We provided our second series of Externships in Summer 2017, which brought industry partners to campus to challenge our students to solve problems and get a taste of the how they work. This continues to be a successful program as we are starting to see the positive impacts with more of our students receiving internships or job opportunities after completing one of the externship tracks.

This is only one example of how we stay flexible and go above and beyond for our students. This program, and others like it, could not have been possible without donors like you.

This #idigmines Giving Day, your gift of any size will make a tremendous impact and allow us to provide the education needed for the leaders of tomorrow:

  • 4 gifts of $50 could buy a new core bit for the Rock Props Lab.

  • A $300 gift could buy a Mud Balance for the Drilling Lab.

  • One $400 gift could buy a new core cutter.

  • Three donations of $1,000 could buy a new Haskel Single Stage pump.

  • $7,000 could buy a new Fann Viscometer for the Drilling Lab.

With bonus funds, we will be able to offer more scholarships to students interested in the Oil & Gas industry. Higher Education funding in Colorado continues to decline, and having the ability to fund these from private sources aids the departments recruiting efforts for the leaders of tomorrow.

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